Last Updated 21st. December 2020

Classes of Instruction





The Lodge Mentor is W.Bro. David Whyatt

Members of the Lodge Care Team for 2020 are:-                                                                                                               W.Bros. David Whyatt; Michael Hogg; Steve Richards; Alex Richards; Mark Davis


Class of Instruction - within the Lodge Room


The Class of Instruction (CoI) is to establish a framework whereby it becomes a place where everyone who attends will derive learning and understanding of what Freemasonry is all about.


Firstly let us make it clear that CoI will not be a place just to rehearse ritual.


CoI will provide everyone with an opportunity to develop as a Freemason whether or not they aspire to be Master of the Lodge. Freemasonry is first and foremost a hobby of which we give our time and some of our disposable income. Like all hobbies we want to be able to enjoy what we do without feeling obliged to take on something we may be uncomfortable with. All members of the Lodge whether they be an Entered Apprentice or a well seasoned Past Master can contribute and at the same time gain from attending CoI.


CoI can also deliver on the 3 R’s which form the basis of the mentoring scheme;


Recruitment – Retention – Retrieval


A Lodge that has a strong CoI will demonstrate that we care about our new initiates, we will provide them with help and support as they become acquainted with the Craft. CoI will help those who attend to develop and keep them enthused about being a ‘Mason’ and finally encourage those who have stayed away for whatever reason to come back and become active in the Lodge.


CoI can only work if we are all prepared to commit to supporting it.


Therefore I would like you to consider the following, which are in no particular order, themes as the basis for our CoI.

1.   Initiates preparing for the Second and Third degree’s

2.   Learning ritual including the red bits in the ritual book

3.   Styles of learning

4.   Understanding what the ritual is trying to teach us

5.   Expectations if you take an active office (Inner Guard through to Worshipful Master)

6.   Expectations it you take a non-active office (Secretary, Treasurer, Almoner, Charity Steward, Director of Ceremonies (DC), Assistant Secretary, Assistant DC, Mentor or Tyler)

7.   Signs and Salutations

8.   Processing in and out of the Lodge room

9.   The risings

10.     How to carry a wand

11.    Masonic etiquette

12.    Ballots

13.    The court bow

14.    The Craft lectures

15.    Masonic charities

16.    The Berkshire Masonic Charity

17.    Giving to non-Masonic charities

18.    Introducing new members

19.  The wearing of regalia and jewels

20.  The Festive board

21.  Proposing and responding to toasts

22.  Lodge furniture

23.  Provincial Grand Lodge

24.  The Visiting Grand Officer (VGO) scheme and official visits

25.  Grand Lodge

26.  Promotions in the Craft

27.  Book of Constitutions and Lodge By-Laws

28.  Visiting in the UK and abroad

29.  Grand Lodge certificate

30.  What lies beyond the Craft

31.  Sources of information

32.  Freemasonry in the Community

  33.  Ladies festivals

34.  The Kindred Lodges Association (KLA)

35.  Freemasonry and Scouting

36.  Proving the Be Prepared Ritual

37.  Joining other Craft Lodges

This list is not exhaustive and can be added to.


The above are headings only and will be developed should you consider them relevant and worthy of introducing into the CoI.